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Single Carer Use of the Molift Raiser

The Molift Raiser and strap system is becoming incredibly popular for standing transfers and particularly in single handed carer situations.


What are the advantages of the Molift Raiser?

What really makes the Raiser stand out against more typical rotunda transfers is the ability to do short transfers and not being restricted to basic 90 degree turns.  This combined with the fact that when used in conjunction with the strap and sliding sleeve the Raiser can be used in a single carer setting providing a risk assessment has been carried out.

Because the Raiser has small castors on its base it is also very easy to move around the property to a suitable storage location when not in use.


Where can the Molift Raiser be found on our website?

To find the Molift Raiser on our website you can use the search bar or you can click here to take you directly to the page.


Mobile Hoist safety checks prior to each use

Mobile Hoist safety checks prior to each use

Mobile hoists are relied upon for many patients and carers in domestic and acute care settings as a means of patient transfer from one surface to another.  There should be a number of safety checks in place that ensure that the Mobile Hoists remain safe for both the patient and their carers.


What checks should be in place?

Firstly it is advised that your hoist has routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.  Think of this as a service for your car.  There are items on the hoist which require periodic replacement just like the brakes on your car.  On a hoist they would be items such as the batteries, actuators and straps for example.

Another routine check is the LOLER examination, this is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.  The regulations apply to people and companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment.  This includes all businesses and organisations whose employees use lifting equipment, whether owned by them or not. In most cases, lifting equipment is also work equipment so the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) will also apply.  The LOLER examination is normally at 6 monthly intervals.

There are checks that should take place before each time the hoist is used, this will usually be the responsibility of the carer.  These are largely just visual checks or the hoist, sling and environment.

The Health and Safety Executive have released a fantastic guide with a checklist of the areas to inspect.  Click for the HSE Getting to grips with hoisting people.


Services we offer

Green Trousers can provide routine LOLER examinations and maintenance on a wide range of equipment.  We can also provide Moving and Handling training and training specifically on the use of hoisting equipment and slings.  Please contact us for more information.




Hoisting from the floor with a Mobile Hoist

There are a number of Mobile Hoists on the market which claim to hoist from the floor but in truth many of these simply do not lower far enough to truly hoist someone from the floor without sitting the patient up first or at least propping their shoulders up.  Doing either of those things can be tricky and can add extra complications to the transfer.

Fortunately there are Mobile Hoists on the market which lower far enough to hoist a patient from the floor in a supine position.  Pictured on the right is a typical example of hoist this transfer typically takes place.  On this occasion the Molift Smart is being used, other mobile hoists such as the Oxford Advance and the Nausicaa FlyAlu Folding hoist also manage this task with ease.

These types of hoist are often used for floor therapy and hoisting a fallen person from the floor providing they are not injured.


Where can I find these hoists on the Green Trousers website

The following three links will direct you to the product pages on our website:

Click for the Molift Smart 150 Folding Mobile Hoist.

Click for the Oxford Advance Folding Mobile Hoist.

Click for the Nausicaa FlyAlu Folding Mobile Hoist.

Molift Smart hoisting from the floor