Below are a selection of our frequently asked questions.


Q.  What happens if what I've ordered needs to be exchanged?

A.  It's simple, you have 30 days to return or exchange your item, click for our Delivery & Returns page.

Q.  How do I know if I'm VAT exempt?

A.  If you are chronically sick or disabled, buying on behalf of someone that is or a charity then you will be able to claim VAT exemption against products on our website.

Q.  How do I claim VAT exemption?

A.  If you are eligible exemption can be claimed in the checkout by ticking the VAT exemption.  A pop up box will then appear with a short form for you to complete and submit.  Once complete the prices in the checkout will automatically alter to reflect the VAT exemption.

Q.  Can you assemble my product for me?

A.  If any of our products require assembly it is usually quite basic however we are happy to assemble the product for you at an extra cost.  Please contact us if you have any assembly queries or require a quote.

Q.  Do you provide training?

A.  Yes we can provide certified moving and handling training through a network of associates throughout the UK, we can also provide product specific training.  Please contact us for pricing.