Patient Lifting Hoists - Service & Repair Advice

The inspection, servicing and repair of patient lifting equipment is incredibly important. Whether you are a care home employee using a variety of hoists and patient transfer equipment, or a domestic carer for an elderly or disabled relative who has a hoist at home, it's important that you can trust the equipment you are using and that you know how and when equipment should be inspected. This is to protect both the people being cared for and the carers themselves.

We get asked many questions about patient hoist servicing and repair, particularly with regards to LOLER. Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions with answers and advice from our patient hoist experts.

What Is LOLER?

In short, LOLER is a set of safety regulations for lifting equipment. It stands for Lifting operations and Lifting equipment regulations. It applies to all lifting equipment but within the care sector it applies to all equipment that is designed to lift people. You can read about LOLER in full on the Health & Safety Executive website.


How Often Must Lifting Equipment Used for Lifting People Be Inspected Or Serviced?

LOLER requires that all lifts in use should be thoroughly examined...

  • after substantial and significant changes have been made;
  • at least every six months if the lift is used at any time to carry people, every

    12 months if it only carries loads, or in accordance with an examination

    scheme; and

  • following ‘exceptional circumstances’ such as damage to, or failure of, the lift,

    long periods out of use or a major change in operating conditions which is likely

    to affect the integrity of the equipment.



Do LOLER Regulations Apply for Lifting Equipment Is In Your Own Home?

All equipment for lifting people is subject to the health and safety at work act.  



LOLER Patient Hoist Inspection

What Are The Most Common Issues/Faults With People Lifting Equipment?

 1.Battery charging 

2.Handset failure 

3.Circuit board failure 


What If Lifting Equipment Hasn't Been Inspected or Serviced? 

If equipment for lifting people has not been inspected and an accident occurs, it could lead to prosecution of the owner or person responsible for the safe operation of a lift such as a facilities manager or supervisor. 


What If Equipment Does Not Pass An Inspection?

If, during an inspection it is found that there are defects with parts of the lifting equipment then this will be documented and presented as part of the service report. The report will show either a pass or fail. If the equipment has failed the inspection, the report will detail exactly why and what work is required to bring it up to standard.


Can Anyone Perform a LOLER Inspection?

This is a bit of a grey area as the regulations specify that systematic and detailed examinations of the lifting equipment should be carried out by a competent person. This person should have sufficient technical and practical knowledge of the lifting equipment and should be independent and impartial. 

The inspection should not be carried out by the same person who undertakes routine maintenance of the equipment - as they would then be responsible for assessing their own maintenance work.

With this in mind our advice is always to hire a professional, independent company to carry out inspections.


Are There Guides Or Manuals Available To Help Individuals Conduct Basic Repairs?

No, inspections or examinations should be completed by a competent person who is not only trained to work on the equipment but also has the experience to back it up.


What Happens If Lifting Equipment Is Damaged And Needs To Be Repaired?

If equipment for lifting people is damaged or in need of repair then it should not be used under any circumstances. The equipment should not be used until any defects have been satisfactorily repaired or defective parts replaced. The guidance is for the user to perform a visual inspection every time before lifting equipment is used. 


How Quickly Can An Inspection Or Service Be Carried Out?

Most care equipment companies should be able to carry our inspections or repairs reasonably quickly. At Green Trousers we have built in excellent capacity and special processes for urgent requirements. Each examination takes approximately 1 hour but this can be dependent on a number of factors. Call our servicing and repair department now on 0191 917 1935 and they will be able to provide a quick quote as well as timescales for your exact needs. Alternatively you can use our livechat facility to get your questions answered.


Can Old Equipment Be Disposed Or Used For Spare Parts? 

This depends on the outcomes of an inspection and the condition or defects of the equipment. 

Green Trousers Service & Repair Options

At Green Trousers we can service and repair many types of patient lifting & transfer equipment such as mobile hoists, ceiling track hoists as well as specialist hydraulic baths and beds. Click on one of the service and repair product options below to find out specific details about each service offering or call us now to discuss LOLER inspections.