Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing

Unique Wearable Sling for Challenging Hoisting Scenarios
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Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing is a new type of moving and handling device to assist people with limited mobility. Currently, people who are unable to stand to transfer are lifted using a mechanical hoist and sling. This can be difficult for carers, is time-consuming and often robs the user of their self esteem and dignity, particularly when transferring to and from the toilet.


Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing consists of a trendy, unobtrusive waistcoat that can be worn throughout the day and allows the user to be clipped onto any hook and loop fixing hoist more conveniently than traditional slings. This innovative discreet design is a development in “Hoistable Clothing” and has been successful in being granted a patent (GB2432297).

Traditional slings can be difficult to insert underneath a fallen individual, requiring rolling and often the assistance of 2 carers. Klip2Lift is fitted like putting on a jacket, in the event of trauma associated with a fall, putting on a jacket may be easier to facilitate than sliding in a sling or transfer sheet.


The Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing will suit people who find managing current sling design difficult, carers often find it difficult to fit and remove the sling before and after transfers, this design is easy to remove and reduces the risk of shearing or friction when removing the sling.  For this reason the Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing could be considered as an alternative to a leave in sling. As the device does not extend below the waist, individuals can be transferred safely whilst having full access for toileting purposes. Klip2Lift may be a more suitable option for safe lifting for people with the following difficulties:

  • Fear of being lifted using traditional slings
  • Clients with anxiety disorders / unpredictable behaviours or behaviours that challenge
  • Frequent fallers or children who often “go to the floor”
  • Clients needing to be lifted to facilitate dignified personal care or toileting
  • Clients who become agitated and “wriggle” out of traditional slings
  • Clients needing to be hoisted to use standing frames or walkers
  • Schools etc. whereby many people need hoisting in a short timeframe
  • Clients who access rebound therapy
  • Clients who access hydrotherapy/swimming pools
  • May be considered as an alternative for a leave in sling

Key Features

Klip2Lift Hoistable Clothing is available in a range of sizes (3-5), (5-7), (7-9), (9-11), XS, S-M and M-L.  The device is fully tested to British safety standards with a maximum working load of 130kg.

  • Maximum user weight 130kg
  • Breathable High-Tech Spacer Fabric Material
  • Replaceable Jacket
  • Replaceable Leg Sections
  • Replaceable Straps
  • All sections clip together
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