November 2016

The M2 200kg Motorised Shower Chair 28/11/2016

The M2 Motorised Shower Chair – Showering Independence

The M2 Motorised Shower Chair potentially offers independence for those who can no longer self propel.  The chair features joystick controlled motors that can facilitate independent movement to the shower or the controls can be mounted at the rear for the carer to operate.  This can be beneficial where the carer struggles to push the chair. Often floor coverings can hinder the movement of shower chairs particularly with heavier patients, carpets and small thresholds make it feel like you are pushing the chair through sand or over a mountain.  The... Read More

The M2 Multi-Tip Shower Chair 28/11/2016

The M2 Multi-Tip – More than just a shower chair

We pride ourselves on being able to bring you one of the most varied selections of shower chairs on the market, each able to contribute towards an enhanced bathing experience for both patient and carer. Today we focus on our flagship model – The M2 Multi-Tip.  The Multi-Tip is one of the most advanced shower chairs on the market boasting electric height adjustment and electric tilt both forward and backward. The height adjustments ranges from 50cm to 95cm seat height and the tilt ranges from forward tilt -5 degrees to... Read More