Advantages of using a Ceiling Track Hoist

Advantages of using a Ceiling Track HoistThere are many advantages of using a ceiling track hoist instead of a mobile hoist, in this post we will highlight some of those advantages.

Ease of use
One of the main advantages of using a ceiling track hoist in place of a mobile hoist is the ease of use.  A ceiling track hoist is often easier to use mainly because it does not involve pushing across carpets and manoeuvring around other environmental obstacles such as cables, rugs, furniture etc.

Single handed carer use
Whilst there are no laws in place that state mobile hoists have to be operated by two carers often care plans and risk assessments recommend mobile hoists to be used by two carers due to some of the challenges mentioned above.  There are often also risks of the patient colliding with the framework of a mobile hoist when be used by a single care, this can happen when the hoists is moved and there is nobody present to steady the patient.

It can often be recommended to use a ceiling track hoist for single handed care to reduce the overall risk when hoisting.

Self hoisting
For those who have good upper body mobility self hoisting might be an option if risk assessed as appropriate to do so.  This of course can only be done with a ceiling track hoist.  There are a number of factors to consider when risk assessing for self hoisting such as optimising the position of the track to best facilitate the transfer.  It is wise to have a means of communication available to the patient at all times such as a lifeline pendant around their neck in case of any failure of the hoist.  Emergency stop and lowering cords may have to be lengthened and if handsets are easily pulled out, a means of clamping them to prevent this is also wise.

A ceiling track hoist can easily be parked out of the way when not in use.  A mobile hoist can take up valuable floor space when not in use.

Less intrusive or imposing for the patient
For those of you that have been hoisted I’m sure that you’ll agree that a mobile hoist can sometimes feel a little imposing when being manoeuvred towards you.  A ceiling hoist doesn’t have quite the same impact due to there being less of it in the patients personal space.

It would only be fair to mention some of the disadvantages of using a track hoist in place of a mobile hoist given we’ve listed some advantages above.  One of the first things to mention is that you are limited to hoist in the room where the track is fixed.  A mobile hoist can be easily moved to other areas of the property for hoisting.  There also can be limitations of where a track hoist can be fitted due to construction although there are now many fixing types available to overcome nearly all of these limitations.

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