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Advantages of using a Ceiling Track Hoists 27/04/2017

Advantages of using a Ceiling Track Hoist

There are many advantages of using a ceiling track hoist instead of a mobile hoist, in this post we will highlight some of those advantages. Ease of use One of the main advantages of using a ceiling track hoist in place of a mobile hoist is the ease of use.  A ceiling track hoist is often easier to use mainly because it does not involve pushing across carpets and manoeuvring around other environmental obstacles such as cables, rugs, furniture etc. Single handed carer use Whilst there are no laws in place... Read More

10 steps to checking a sling prior to each use 03/04/2017

10 steps to checking a sling prior to each use

Often we are asked about how to check various items of equipment, in this post we aim to give a little more insight into checking slings prior to use.  These “10 steps to checking a sling prior to each use” are essential to ensuring safe and correct use of the sling or slings. 1. Is the sling as identified in the risk assessment?  You may be familiar with the client using the sling but their needs can often change.  A care plan and risk assessment should be available at all... Read More

The use of brakes with a Mobile Hoist 23/01/2017

The use of brakes with a Mobile Hoist

The use of brakes with a Mobile Hoist is often a topic visited during training sessions.  Should brakes be applied when hoisting?  When should brakes be used with a Mobile Hoist?  These are the sorts of questions being mentioned specifically. In general brakes on a Mobile Hoist should not be applied during hoisting unless stated by the manufacturer or it is stated in the handling plan.  The reason for this is because the hoist will want to move to find the centre of gravity.  If this process is prevented by... Read More

The M2 200kg Motorised Shower Chair 28/11/2016

The M2 Motorised Shower Chair – Showering Independence

The M2 Motorised Shower Chair potentially offers independence for those who can no longer self propel.  The chair features joystick controlled motors that can facilitate independent movement to the shower or the controls can be mounted at the rear for the carer to operate.  This can be beneficial where the carer struggles to push the chair. Often floor coverings can hinder the movement of shower chairs particularly with heavier patients, carpets and small thresholds make it feel like you are pushing the chair through sand or over a mountain.  The... Read More

The M2 Multi-Tip Shower Chair 28/11/2016

The M2 Multi-Tip – More than just a shower chair

We pride ourselves on being able to bring you one of the most varied selections of shower chairs on the market, each able to contribute towards an enhanced bathing experience for both patient and carer. Today we focus on our flagship model – The M2 Multi-Tip.  The Multi-Tip is one of the most advanced shower chairs on the market boasting electric height adjustment and electric tilt both forward and backward. The height adjustments ranges from 50cm to 95cm seat height and the tilt ranges from forward tilt -5 degrees to... Read More

Mobile Hoist safety checks prior to each use 25/10/2016

Mobile Hoist safety checks prior to each use

Mobile hoists are relied upon for many patients and carers in domestic and acute care settings as a means of patient transfer from one surface to another.  There should be a number of safety checks in place that ensure that the Mobile Hoists remain safe for both the patient and their carers. What checks should be in place? Firstly it is advised that your hoist has routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.  Think of this as a service for your car.  There are items on the hoist which require periodic replacement... Read More

Hoisting from the floor with a Mobile Hoist 25/10/2016

Hoisting from the floor with a Mobile Hoist

There are a number of Mobile Hoists on the market which claim to hoist from the floor but in truth many of these simply do not lower far enough to truly hoist someone from the floor without sitting the patient up first or at least propping their shoulders up.  Doing either of those things can be tricky and can add extra complications to the transfer. Fortunately there are Mobile Hoists on the market which lower far enough to hoist a patient from the floor in a supine position.  The video below shows how... Read More

Advice & Guidelines 11/10/2016

Advice & Guidelines

We will be adding advice and guidelines to this page relating to our products and services.  The content on this page will be regularly refreshed with information from our own advisors, independent moving and handling advisors, healthcare professionals and equipment users.  We aim to cover a broad range of topics from use of our equipment to general moving and handling tips and techniques. If you have a particular topic for this page we would be thrilled to hear about it.  In the meantime if you would like any advice or guidance on our products or their... Read More