Hoisting from the floor with a Mobile Hoist

There are a number of Mobile Hoists on the market which claim to hoist from the floor but in truth many of these simply do not lower far enough to truly hoist someone from the floor without sitting the patient up first or at least propping their shoulders up.  Doing either of those things can be tricky and can add extra complications to the transfer.

Fortunately there are Mobile Hoists on the market which lower far enough to hoist a patient from the floor in a supine position.  The video below shows how hoisting from the floor can be achieved.  On this occasion the Molift Smart is being used, other mobile hoists such as the Oxford Advance and the Nausicaa FlyAlu Folding hoist also manage this task with ease.

These types of hoist are often used for floor therapy and hoisting a fallen person from the floor providing they are not injured.

Where can I find these hoists on the Green Trousers website

The following three links will direct you to the product pages on our website:

Click for the Molift Smart 150 Folding Mobile Hoist.

Click for the Oxford Advance Folding Mobile Hoist.

Click for the Nausicaa FlyAlu Folding Mobile Hoist.

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