The M2 Motorised Shower Chair – Showering Independence

The M2 200kg Motorised Shower ChairThe M2 Motorised Shower Chair potentially offers independence for those who can no longer self propel.  The chair features joystick controlled motors that can facilitate independent movement to the shower or the controls can be mounted at the rear for the carer to operate.  This can be beneficial where the carer struggles to push the chair.

Often floor coverings can hinder the movement of shower chairs particularly with heavier patients, carpets and small thresholds make it feel like you are pushing the chair through sand or over a mountain.  The motorised chair removes this hurdle.  The powerful yet highly controllable motors make light work of these obstacles.

Whilst the M2 Motorised Chair is more expensive than a typical wide attendant propelled shower chair, savings can be made if the chair can reduce carer numbers by eliminating the repetitive strain of pushing the patient to and from the bathroom/shower room.  For some the price of independence is immeasurable.

The chair has a 56cm (22″) seat width and a safe working load of 200kg.  The control module features speed adjustment, a battery level indicator and an on/off button.

With the increased width seat comes and increased width horseshoe aperture seat making toileting and personal care easier.  The chair features fold up arms, horseshoe seat, PU backrest and heavy duty height adjustable foortrests.

For more information on the M2 Motorised Shower Chair, click to go to our product page.

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