The M2 Multi-Tip – More than just a shower chair

M2 Multi-Tip Shower ChairWe pride ourselves on being able to bring you one of the most varied selections of shower chairs on the market, each able to contribute towards an enhanced bathing experience for both patient and carer.

Today we focus on our flagship model – The M2 Multi-Tip.  The Multi-Tip is one of the most advanced shower chairs on the market boasting electric height adjustment and electric tilt both forward and backward.

The height adjustments ranges from 50cm to 95cm seat height and the tilt ranges from forward tilt -5 degrees to backward tilt 35 degrees.  This electric adjustment has some obvious and not so obvious benefits.

Height adjustment firstly allows the carer to bring the patient up to a good working height, this also is beneficial where carers of varying heights are involved.  The range of adjustment is such that washing hair or personal care can be undertaken with very little need for the carer to adjust their working height, the chair moves according to the task!

Backward tilt has several benefits.  Hoisting the patient into a good position in the chair is simplified by reclining the chair first, allowing the patient to be hoisted to the back of the chair with very little effort.  With the chair in a reclined position the patient is less likely to tip forward out of the chair is less likely to lean out of the side of the chair.

The M2 Multi-Tip Shower ChairThe forward tilt is perhaps a less obvious benefit.  We have had a number of patients with sufficient mobility that they can stand from a rise and recline chair but have been unsuccessful in standing from a standard shower chair.  This is where the Multi-Tip comes in to its own.  It seems absurd to hoist a patient with this ability but we are aware of cases where this has happened.  The forward tilt combined with the height adjustment can facilitate a similar stand to a rise and recline chair.  Although the Multi-Tip is more expensive than a more standard alternative, it is certainly cheaper than a package of care that involves hoisting and the cost is soon recouped over a short period of time.

The Multi-Tip also features as standard fold up arms, a choice of horseshoe or ring aperture seat, adjustable mesh backrest, mesh calf strap and height adjustable footrests.  There is a vast selection of accessories to accompany the Multi-Tip, side supports, various head supports, leg and amputation supports, lap straps, harnesses and a commode pan to name just a few.

For more information on the Multi-Tip, click here for our product page.

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